Artist Statement

Symbolic details used in the creation of religious and royal architecture primarily influence my wheel-thrown and assembled ceramic vessels. Specific forms of inspiration are the cathedrals, palaces and mosques of the Islamic world and the Czech Republic, that are topped with domes, spires and finials that pierce the sky and reach heavenward. Spires and finials are prominently featured in most of my works, communicating spiritual and significant symbolism. Striking silhouettes, symmetry and line also captivate my focus. 

Luxury or ceremonial wares that were made to reside in holy or culturally noteworthy edifices are also an influence. Such examples include metalwork, glass and pottery from the Persian and Ottoman Empires that were made for and owned by royalty, religious leaders and other prominent individuals. These historic vessels, which were used in a palace to celebrate a momentous occasion or in a church to enhance the sacredness of a ceremony, are referred to in my work. Rather than the specifics of rituals or ceremonies, I am intrigued with the sense of sacredness that my pouring, drinking, and lidded vessels convey.

I take advantage of clay’s ability to retain carefully defined and metal-like details while using luxurious metallic finishes that are only possible through the ceramic process. Glaze applied to these ceramic forms accentuate, yet soften, their details and silhouettes. The use of crystal forming glazes and precious metal lusters communicate the same degree of beauty and luxury as the referenced historical objects and emphasize the important aspects of the work.